Some early FAQ’s about this upgrade:

Will the staff client be totally gone?
The staff client will no longer connect to the servers, so you should plan to uninstall it after the upgrade. (You may even want to uninstall it earlier!)

When will the staff client be gone?
We don’t have exact dates yet, because we’ll need to assess the state of the software immediately following it’s release. The Executive Committee will select a timeline for the upgrade at their October meeting if we upgrade this fall.

What about trainings?
All EI trainings since October 2017 have been in the web client. Addition feature trainings will be offered once the EC approves the upgrade schedule.

When should we start using the web client?
Now. In order to track down and address any bugs that will prevent you from using the web client, we need you to find those now, so there’s time to get them fixed. Phasing over gradually will allow you compare workflows and adjust at your convenience.