Members of our support team and governance committees have created extensive user manuals for getting up and running in Evergreen Indiana. Please note that these do reflect our policies and procedures and may not represent the workflows of other consortia. These documents are updated as the committees make updates available.

The manuals reference hotkey combinations. Hotkey combinations will work in the staff client, but may or may not function as expected in the web client.

  • F1 = Check out
  • F2 = Check in
  • F3 = Search the catalog
  • F4 = Patron lookup
  • F5 = Item Status
  • F6 = In-house use
  • F8 = Retrieve last patron account opened
  • F9 = Reprint most recent receipt
  • SHIFT + F1 = Register patron account
Cataloging Training Manual (Staff Client)

Cataloging Training Manual (Web Client)

This manual is being released as it is finished; not all chapters are currently available for the web client.