The Evergreen ILS

What is the Evergreen ILS?


The Evergreen Integrated Library System [ILS] is a complex database program in which libraries may store patron, bibliographic, and item records and transaction records. The Evergreen ILS is available as an open source product. To find out more, please visit the Evergreen Project website.
Why did you pick the Evergreen ILS to share?


The founding pilot libraries researched available open source clients and determined that the Evergreen ILS was the most compatible with the needs of participating libraries. For more information, please visit the Evergreen Indiana History page.
Do I have to join Evergreen Indiana to use the Evergreen ILS?


Anyone may use the Evergreen ILS software without joining a consortium. Evergreen Indiana offers members many other benefits in addition to sharing software and materials, including tech support, free staff trainings, access to millions of records, purchasing discounts, and much more! Check out the Member Resources page to discover all the additional perks of membership.


How much does it cost to be a member of Evergreen Indiana?


Since 2016, member libraries have been charged an annual fee based on a tiered system reflecting a percentage of their annual expenditure. The following table represents the tiered fee structure approved by the Council in June 2014 together with current rates; these rates are subject to change annually. Funds are used to expand services and reduce reliance on grant funding.

Annual Membership Fee Rates 2021
The Executive Committee voted to not raise membership fees for 2021 above the 2020 rates.
Tier Annual Fee Maximum Annual Expenditure
1 $0 $50,000
2 $541 $100,000
3 $1,082 $200,000
4 $1,622 $300,000
5 $2,704 $500,000
6 $3,785 $750,000
7 $5,408 $1,000,000
8 $7,030 $1,500,000
9 $8,652 >$1,500,000
Annual Membership Fee Rates 2022
A 3% increase over 2021 fees was approved on June 8th, 2021 by the Executive Committee.
Tier Annual Fee Maximum Annual Expenditure
1 $0 $50,000
2 $557 $100,000
3 $1,114 $200,000
4 $1,671 $300,000
5 $2,785 $500,000
6 $3,899 $750,000
7 $5,570 $1,000,000
8 $7,241 $1,500,000
9 $8,912 >$1,500,000

Additional costs to the member library generally include hardware (see below for recommended hardware), staff time, additional INfoExpress deliveries (if needed; additional day subsidized for members), a broadband internet connection, and barcoding materials (library cards and item barcodes).


How many libraries are in Evergreen Indiana?


There are over 129 public, school, institutional, and special libraries active in the Evergreen Indiana consortium. For a complete list of member libraries, please visit the Member Libraries page.
What does my library have to do to join Evergreen Indiana?


Visit the Join Evergreen Indiana page to discover how to become a member library in Evergreen Indiana.

Equipment & Software

Where do I access the staff interface?


Evergreen Indiana’s customized client is available at
What version of the client is Evergreen Indiana using?


Evergreen Indiana is currently running a customized version of Evergreen 3.4.

Does Evergreen Indiana have a patron app?

Yes! Apps for both Android and iOS devices may be accessed on the Get the App page.

What equipment is needed to run Evergreen in Evergreen Indiana?


The staff client must be installed on each staff workstation. Each workstation should be connected to a barcode scanner and receipt printer. A broadband internet connection is required for full functionality.

Recommended Minimum Hardware and Operating System:
Operating System: Windows (XP or later), Mac OS X, or Linux operating system
Memory: 4GB RAM or greater
Processor: Dual Core CPU or greater
Available Storage: 200MB of hard drive space