Weekly Update – November 29, 2011

Newton County Public Library transits

Transit slips for Newton County Public Library (NWCPL) may display any of the following shortnames:

Main Library – Lake Village Memorial Township: LVMTL
Branch Library – Roselawn Library: RLL
Branch Library – Morocco Community Library: MCL

InfoExpress transits should be directed to the main branch and will be sent to different branches from there.

Blue card proofs and orders

Proofs for blue library cards were emailed to each library. Not receiving a blue library card proof indicates that your library reported no reciprocal borrowers, students, or computer users on your 2010 annual report and you have not contacted me to update the number. If you do not receive a proof, you will not receive an order of blue cards in this order. However, you can always place an order for blue cards in the future.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROOFS: Please print out the proofs, open up Microsoft Word or Notepad and scan the barcodes. Please also pay close attention to the information on the library card proofs. If the proofs scan okay and the information is acceptable, do not email the proofs back to the number listed on the proofs. Instead, let me know by Friday, December 2 and I will finalize your order. We need to get orders finalized ASAP in order to get library cards delivered and ready to use by January 1.

Future orders for blue cards will be handled exactly like orders for green library cards. I will send out an email with links to three different surveys: a survey for blue library cards, a survey for green library cards and a survey for item barcodes. You will complete the survey for whichever item you need to order and receive proofs that you will need to approve.

OPAC enhancements to the software in 2.1

• Spell-checking suggestions are now case-insensitive, to avoid generating terms which would yield the same result set. Since we have disabled the search suggestions (Did you mean ?) in the current OPAC, we will test this functionality on the test server and the OPAC committee will decide whether the suggestions are improved enough with this added functionality to re-instate them.
• Patrons are guided to select a specific part if they are placing a hold on a bibliographic record that has parts assigned to its copies.
• Added search functionality for e-Resources (856 subfield 9).
• Search results will automatically update if there are changes to a bibliographic record while a patron is browsing their results.

Signs for the upgrade

In order to prepare staff and patrons for the upgrade December 9-11, we have created flyers informing patrons and staff members about the limitations of library service during the upgrade. They are available on the Member Resources website in PDF and publisher versions if you want to make edits.

Upgrade to 2.1 – Patron
Upgrade to 2.1 – Staff

eReader Policies

The eIndiana Digital OverDrive Committee has had many inquiries from eIndiana Digital Consortium members regarding local library or consortium-wide policy on loaning eReaders. Evergreen Indiana and eIndiana Digital Consortium do not have a consortium-wide eReader policy but we would like to collect samples of policies each individual library has about loaning eReaders. The committee has decided to post them at the URL below so that interested eIndiana Digital Consortium and Evergreen Indiana members may consult them for ideas before establishing their own local policies. Please send sample policies to the Evergreen Indiana Coordinator, sborger@library.in.gov.

Member Resources