Weekly Update – July 6, 2011

De-duping project

One of the many goals of Evergreen Indiana is to allow patrons all over the state to search the same catalog and transit those items across the state. Since 2008, there have been several million MARC records merged into Evergreen Indiana from 17 different ILSes , the result of which was a staggering number of duplicate bibliographic records. This makes searching and viewing search results in the OPAC messy and inefficient for a library patron. As of June 30, 2011, there were 3,694,700 bibliographic records in Evergreen Indiana.

By matching bibliographic records by items with a valid ISBN and grouping specific circ modifiers (book, book new, bestseller, bestseller no hold), ISL was able to achieve a 34% match rate to merge a total of 1,215,761 records. We have streamlined the Evergreen Indiana catalog with the de-duping script that from July 1 to July 5, 2011 down to 2,478,939.

Libraries may see higher than normal hold and transit volume over the next week or two. This is due to the merging of bibliographic records. Since there are now many more copies available for certain bibs, holds may get filled faster than they had previously.

See example below:

Post de-duping Harry Potter record

If you come across a record that you believe is a bad merge, please contact the Evergreen Indiana Coordinator, sborger@library.in.gov. Please include as much information in your email as possible.

Barcode orders

The Indiana State Library will be placing an order on behalf of Evergreen Indiana libraries that have filled out the item and patron barcode surveys. The order will be placed on Friday, July 8 in the afternoon. The next item and patron barcode order will be solicited October 2011. Surveys for item or patron barcodes can be found below:

Item barcodes [Closed]

Patron library cards [Closed]


All Evergreen Indiana libraries are eligible to join the eIndiana Digital Consortium to access thousands of OverDrive audiobooks, ebooks, videos and music. Please visit the following informational websites and feel free to contact your Evergreen Indiana Coordinator (Shauna Borger, sborger@library.in.gov) for more information.

Indiana State library OverDrive informational page

eIndiana Digital OverDrive Consortium