Weekly Update — December 30, 2014

Live in 2.7

The Evergreen Indiana is now live on Evergreen version 2.7.2! Congratulations to our sysadmin for completing such a monumental task! We appreciate your continued patience as we work out the last few configuration kinks. Our thanks go out again to our testers and to everyone who made time to participate in the trainings. We had record-setting participation in the trainings and hope everyone is excited about putting the demonstrated features to use!

Curing the Uncapture-able Hold

If an item becomes newly available after a period of processing, being missing, et cetera, staff may notice that, despite existing holds, the item won’t capture. The hold process will eventually capture, but it may take up to 24 hours for it to be capture-ready. If this happens, please retarget the hold to trigger the search for available copies, which should make your in-hand copy immediately capturable.

eIDC Curated Collections

We’ve begun the process of offering curated collections in the eIDC catalog. If you have an idea for a curated collection, please let eIDC Liaison Mary Glaser (PFLDP) or EI Coordinator Anna Goben know! To open, we have highlighted the Narrated Books (read-to-me titles), Magazines, and Streaming Video collections.


The Ethics and Policy Audit is due by December 31, 2014! Please let the coordinator know if you need replacement forms.

The final 2013 spend is due by January 1, 2015 for eIDC members. Please get your purchases in as soon as possible if you wish to spend out locally!