Weekly Update—July 1, 2014

Bills, Bills, Bills

As mentioned in the last Weekly Update, the new set of manual billing types has been selected. The implementation is scheduled for today. The complete list of new types is below with the recommended usage.

  • Bookkeeping correction: Correct payment or billing entries made in error
  • Claims return: Billing patron for materials that are claims returned
  • Collection agency referral: Collection agencies’ and court costs not automatically applied by the system
  • Drop box return: Used when items that must be returned at a desk are left in the drop box instead
  • Expired hold: Charge when a patron fails to pick up their hold after 7 days
  • Gift/donation: Track donations and gifts to the library
  • Goods/Taxable sales*: Sales of new materials, including books, bags, headphones, digital storage media, etc.
  • Interlibrary Loan: Postage and fees incurred procuring ILL materials from non-EI libraries
  • Meeting rooms*: Room rental and cleaning fees
  • Miscellaneous: Everything else! Be sure to include notes.
  • Non-Resident/Reciprocal Borrower card: Card fees
  • Notification fee: Charge patrons for the cost of preparing and sending physical notices.
  • PLAC: Public Library Access Card fees
  • Postage: Certified mail, postage reimbursements, etc.
  • Print services: Copies, faxes, lamination, scanning, die cuts, etc.
  • Professional services: Research, proctoring, and notary services
  • Rental*: Equipment and material rental fees
  • Repair: Limited, repairable damage costs (new case, torn cover, etc.)
  • Replacement card: Charge to replace a lost or destroyed card on an existing account
  • Returned check: NSF fee

*Billing types marked with an asterisk are considered competitive products/services, and sales tax must be collected and turned over to the Department of Revenue if a library collects monies for these types. (See Section III: http://www.in.gov/dor/reference/files/sib04.pdf)

Prepping Transits

Members who have rebarcoded are encouraged to mark out or cover barcodes from their previous system prior to transiting materials to other Evergreen Indiana libraries. Just a quick swipe with a permanent marker makes it much easier for other libraries to know which barcode is correct to scan!

Member News

The eIndiana Digital OverDrive Consortium welcomes newest member Danville Center Township Public Library.

Support News

Sara O’Sha has stepped down from the Northeast Regional Coordinator position. Until the position has been refilled, please contact Jill Stange (jstange@library.in.gov), the Northwest Regional Coordinator, for assistance. Our congratulations to Sara on her new job and thanks for all her work with Evergreen Indiana over the last year!


The next barcode and library card purchasing pool will open on July 14, 2014. Please check your stocks now to prepare your order.

Upcoming Evergreen Indiana Training Opportunities

July 17
Spring/Summer Cataloging Roundtable: RDA for Copy Cataloging, 10am-12pm, webinar
September 11
Basic Circulation, 9am-12pm, Indiana State Library, Room 428
Holds, 1:00pm-3:00pm, Indiana State Library, Room 428
September 18
Basic Cataloging, 9am-12pm, Indiana State Library, Room 428
Local Administration, 1:00pm-3:00pm, Indiana State Library, Room 428