Weekly Update – June 18, 2013

Updated Reports Index: Help Needed!

We are updating the Reports Index and need your help! A lot of the templates shared out with the entire consortium appear to be duplicates or in-development clones. If you have built templates and shared them with the consortium (in folders marked [EG-IN]), please take a couple of minutes before July 1, 2013 and delete any templates in your shared folder that you know are non-functioning, outdated, or exact duplicates of templates created by ISL Admin or ISL-Jasonb (Jason Boyer). A searchable (Ctrl-f) current list of the 954 shared templates is available here.
Some shared templates may have reports from other libraries attached to them. If this is the case, you may not be able to delete one or more of your templates yourself. If you are unable to delete a known defective template shared from your account, please open a helpdesk ticket and enter your Evergreen Indiana username (the one used to create the template), the containing folder, the exact name of the defective template, and that you would like it to be removed because it is defective.

Cataloging News

  • The Weekly Tip for catalogers is on hiatus for the summer. Look for new tips beginning this fall!
  • Advanced Cataloging training schedule for the rest of 2013 has been released. Please mark your calendar for July 11-12, September 10-11, or November 14-15, 2013 if you are interested in completing these courses this year. Please note you must have completed the Basic Cataloging in Evergreen Indiana to attend. These courses take place over 2 days and are webinars. You must sign up for and attend both days to receive your Cat1 status. “Advanced Cataloging for Evergreen Indiana” grants 6 TLEUs to participants. Sign-ups are available now for the Advanced Cataloging training in July below.


Upcoming Evergreen Indiana training opportunities

July 2

Basic Circulation, 9am-noon, Indiana State Library, Room 428
Click here to register.
Holds, 1-3pm, Indiana State Library, Room 428
Click here to register.

July 11-12

Advanced Cataloging in Evergreen Indiana, 9-Noon, Webinar,
Click here to register for Part I / Click here to register for Part II (You must sign up for and attend both parts to get your Cat1 status.)

July 16 Corrected: July 24

Basic Cataloging, 9-Noon, Indiana State Library, Room 428
Click here to register.
Local Administration and Basic Reports, 1-3, Indiana State Library, Room 428
Click here to register.