Weekly Update – March 27, 2013

Changes to Evergreen Indiana Membership By-Laws

In an effort to streamline and invigorate committee participation, several changes to the By-Laws have been proposed by the Executive Committee and will be voted on at the membership meeting on May 9.

Evergreen Indiana Membership By-Laws with proposed edits

Page 4: The Indiana State and Historical Board has adopted a policy to allow electronic participation in meetings. As such, the Evergreen Indiana Executive Committee and interested subcommittees have proposed an addition of these guidelines to the by-laws.

Page 5: The Circulation and OPAC Committees have had an extensive overlap in discussion and action points in the past and it has been suggested that the two committees combine to create the Patron Services Committee. Also, the OverDrive Committee is being renamed to the eContent Committee so that the focus of the committee is open to any and all consortium-wide eContent opportunities and discounts, such as our recent opportunity with Freegal.

As always, feedback on the proposed changes may be directed to a member of any of the committees, a regional coordinator or the Evergreen Indiana Coordinator (sborger@library.in.gov)!

Evergreen eContent listserv

In order to provide better communication and support among our member libraries who are participating in some of the eContent consortium opportunities, such as OverDrive and Freegal, the OverDrive (soon to be eContent) Committee has created a listserv to which interested parties may subscribe. This has been added to the list of member listservs on the Member Resources website (bottom of page).

To subscribe, please visit http://lists.in.gov/mailman/listinfo/evergreen_econtent.