Weekly Update – March 21, 2013

Spring 2013 Circulation Class – Billing in Evergreen

Thank you to those who hosted and attended the Spring 2013 Circulation Class – Billing in Evergreen last week. For those who missed the live webinar, the recording can be found on the Staff Training Documents website, along with the presentation and a link at the end of the presentation to a survey monkey quiz staff will need to complete and submit in order to receive 1 TLEU.

NOTE: A detailed description of the payment pilot begins at about 29 minutes into the recording. We hope to expand the payment pilot to include all libraries in late 2013 so it’s a good idea to become familiar with it now!

Spring 2013 Circulation Class – Billing in Evergreen

Presentation and quiz for LEU

New library joining!

Covington-Veedersburg Public Library in Fountain County will be joining Evergreen on Tuesday, April 30. Modified cataloging freeze will begin on Saturday, April 27 (beginning of business day) – Tuesday, April 30 (late afternoon). An announcement will be sent to the listservs as soon as it is okay to resume normal cataloging activities.

During a modified catalog freeze. . .

DO NOT import, edit, delete or create new bibliographic records.
DO attach holdings and edit holdings.

Circulation Support and Abbreviation lists

Peru Public Library contact information has been added to the Evergreen Indiana Circulation Support Contact List and Library Abbreviation lists which are available on the Staff Training Documents website > Circulation Module:

Circulation Support Contact List
Abbreviation List