Weekly Update – March 5, 2013

Cap fines at item price setting

The Executive Committee recently approved a setting which staff will see live in the system on Thursday, March 7. The “Cap Overdue Fines at Item Price” setting will cap overdue fees at the cost of the item IF the item costs less than $10. Lost and damaged fees are not affected by this setting.

Example 1: Item cost is entered as $5.00. Item is 40 days overdue. With the Cap Overdue Fines at Item Price setting turned on, the overdue fees associated with that item will cap at $5.00.

Example 2: Item cost has not been entered so the default cost will be $10.00. Item is 40 days overdue. The overdue fees associated with the item will cap at $10.00 (as has always been the case).

Hold Notifications Updates

As was requested by the Circulation Committee, the email notification for patrons has been updated to include our hold pickup policy and that some libraries charge a fine for not picking up holds.

“The item you requested is available for pickup from the Library. Please pick up the item within 7 days. A fee may be assessed if you do not pick up your item within 7 days.

Contact the Circulation Desk to check out the item.”

The phone hold notification will soon repeat the library name at the end of the message so that if the message gets cut off at the beginning, patrons will have a second opportunity to hear the library name.

Order item barcodes and library cards

Just a reminder that you may place item and patron barcode orders beginning Monday, March 4 until Friday, March 8. The library will contact Creative DataProducts directly to place their order. Eventually, the vendor hopes to have an online ordering system but currently you will need to contact Amanda Marcengill at Creative DataProducts via email (amarcengill@creativedataproducts.com) or telephone (864-662-1310) with the following information:

• Item barcodes or patron library cards? If patron library cards, green or blue?
• Quantity (There is a minimum order of 500 for both item barcodes and patron library cards).
• Beginning barcode number.
• Library name, contact email and telephone number.


Cataloging Committee will be meeting on Wednesday, March 5, 10AM at Hussey Mayfield Memorial Public Library.

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