Weekly Update – January 15, 2013

OPAC help page is updated for Evergreen 2.2!

The OPAC Help page was created by a suggestion from the OPAC committee and it is intended as a tool to help front line staff educate library patrons on how to use specific functions of Evergreen. A link to the OPAC Help page can be found in the OPAC along the black bar under the Evergreen Indiana logo. Additions to the page include:

• Tips for patrons with problems accessing their account.
• How to for saving patron checkout and holds history.
• Hold notification tips.

New library migrating

Peru Public Library will be migrating on Tuesday, February 26. Catalog freeze will begin on Saturday, February 23 (beginning of business day) to Tuesday, February 26 (late afternoon). Resume normal cataloging activities only after checking the listservs to verify that an email has instructed libraries to do so.

During a modified catalog freeze. . .
DO NOT import, edit, delete or create new bibliographic records.
DO attach holdings and edit holdings.


OPAC Committee meeting on Thursday, January 24 @ Morgan County Public Library.
Draft agenda