Weekly Update – January 2, 2013

Cataloging policy updates

The Cataloging Committee approved several cataloging policy updates at the December 6 meeting which the Executive Committee also approved on December 14. Please find the updates to Evergreen Indiana Cataloging Policy highlighted in blue.

Bookmobile User Group

Several members of the EI consortium participated in the Bookmobile User Group in December. Notes from that meeting which include tips and suggestions can be found here. Bookmobile contact names and information have been added to the Circulation Support Contact List which can be found on the Staff Training Documents website.

Train the Circulation Trainer

Train the Circulation Trainer, January 22, 10AM-1PM. This training is open to all those in Evergreen Indiana who would be interested in being certified as an Evergreen Indiana Circulation Trainer. Circ Trainers will provide group and individual training along with the ISL Regional Coordinators for EI libraries who express a need. Circ Trainers will work in collaboration with the Circulation Committee to coordinate training outside of Indianapolis on an as-needed basis.

Register for Train the Circulation Trainer here!


OverDrive Committee meeting on Tuesday, January 8 @ 10:30am at Hussey Mayfield Memorial Public Library.

Draft agenda

Circulation Committee meeting dates for 2013: March 19, June 18, September 17, and December 17

Executive Committee meeting dates for 2013: February 12, April 9, June 11, August 13, October 8, December 10

As always, committee dates are listed along the right-hand column of the blog under Calendar of Events.