Weekly Update – December 27, 2012

Annual Report

Libraries will soon begin working on their annual report for 2012. The Evergreen Indiana Coordinator will provide excel spreadsheet reports in the first two weeks of January 2013 that each library should use to answer the following questions in the annual report:

Part 2 – Registrations (02-001 – 02-008, 02-011)
Part 8 – Library Service and Technology (08-042)
Part 9 – Circulation and Holdings (09-001 – 09-003, 09-011, 09-012, 09-014, 09-16) (If eIndiana member, you will also receive a report to answer 09-013, 09-017, 09-021 – 09-023)
Part 12 – PLAC Loans

More detailed instructions will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!

Circulation Policy Additions

The Circulation Committee approved several circulation policy and procedure updates at the December 13 meeting which the Executive Committee also approved on December 14. Please find the updates to Evergreen Indiana Circulation Policy and Procedures highlighted in red.

Evergreen Indiana Circulation Policy with changes from December 13 meeting (Changes on pages 2-4, 6)

Evergreen Indiana Circulation Procedures with changes from December 13 meeting (Changes on pages 5-8, 14, 18-19)

Staff members can find the updated documents with changes made on the Policies and Procedures website: http://www.in.gov/library/3382.htm