Weekly Update – October 16, 2012

Evergreen at 100 – Welcome Peabody Public Library!

Peabody Public Library is located in Columbia City, Indiana (Whitley County) and serves a population of 13,509. This brings the total population served by Evergreen Indiana to 962,252! Please see the updated Evergreen Participating Library Districts map!

Peabody Public Library’s shortname for transiting items is PBPBLCC and has been added to the Member Abbreviations Documents available on the Staff Training Documents website.

Automated response from ISL

With increasing frequency, Indiana public library patrons are getting in contact with the Indiana State Library staff rather than their local public library. While we would like to be able to provide support and assistance to patrons and library staff alike who contacts us, we have always taken the approach that we are training the trainer. In other words, we are providing support and training to library staff so local library staff are well prepared to answer any questions that patrons may have. Please note that we will begin providing the canned response below so that patrons can get in touch with the most appropriate parties:

Due to policy and volume concerns, Indiana State Library staff are unable to directly respond to your issue(s). Please contact your local library. If they are unable to assist you, you may request that library staff submit the issue to the Evergreen Indiana helpdesk on your behalf. Thank you for your cooperation.

Because we want to continue to help you help your patrons, the Professional Development Office is offering a Dealing with Challenging Patrons webinar (1 LEU) on November 2 @ 11AM-NOON. Register here and remember, you can contact your regional coordinator to have the presentation onsite at your library at any time.

Beginning on Thursday, November 1 . . .

· The Evergreen Indiana Executive Committee voted last week to turn on several consortium-wide settings. These settings will be enabled on November 1.

Auto-Extending Grace Periods over closed dates. This setting is meant to discourage the grace period from being able to be consumed by a trailing closed date.

Checkout can fill a related hold. Sometimes a patron has placed a hold (title hold) on an item but they walk into the library, find the item they have placed on hold on the shelf and check it out. In that case, there is no need for the hold they placed to be filled so this setting will attempt to cancel that unnecessary hold.

Target copies to branch even if closed that day. Many of our libraries are closed on Sundays which means that their items cannot fill holds that day. This setting will allow all libraries to participate in filling holds equally regardless of whether the library is closed one day.

· Added content such as Table of Contents, Summaries, and Reviews will no longer be available due to our Added Content contract expiring. While we are actively looking for a new content provider, we will continue to supply book jackets as is shown below.








Upcoming Classes

Intro to RDA Toolkit webinar, November 14, 3:30-4:30. The webinar RDA Toolkit Essentials serves as an introduction and guide to using RDA Toolkit. It will be offered to everyone interested in finding out whether they want to sign up for the consortial deal for the RDA Toolkit. The webinar begins at 2:30 CST / 3:30 EST.

· Register for Intro to RDA Toolkit webinar here!

Train the Circulation Trainer, January 22, 10AM-1PM. This training is open to all those in Evergreen Indiana who would be interested in being certified as an Evergreen Indiana Circulation Trainer. Circ Trainers will provide group and individual training along with the ISL Regional Coordinators for EI libraries who express a need. Circ Trainers will work in collaboration with the Circulation Committee to coordinate training outside of Indianapolis on an as-needed basis.

· Register for Train the Circulation Trainer here!


Minutes from August 14, 2012 Executive Committee meeting were approved at the November 9 meeting. The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be on Friday, December 14 at the Indiana State Library.