Weekly Update – October 11, 2012

Evergreen Indiana Bookmobile Working Group

The first Evergreen Indiana Bookmobile Working Group will take place at Greenwood Public Library @ 1PM, after the last meeting of the year for the EI Circulation Committee. Bookmobiles are an important point of service for many places in Indiana and the Bookmobile Working Group will work to improve these services by meeting to share information and workflows with other EI bookmobiles.

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eResources in Annual Report

It was the decision of the 50+ State Data Coordinators (SDCs) for the Public Library Survey (PLS) that libraries will now be able to count their ebooks, downloadable audio and downloadable video in the annual report holdings section, rather than in databases. NOTE: Circulation stats for print and non-print will be combined and reported in the Total Circulation question (excluding children’s circulation), the same as in 2011.

Changes to Hold Messages

Unsuccessful placement of a hold results in more descriptive messages than we previously had. Please see two examples below:

6 month age protection message

Hold NOT successfully placed. Holds cannot be placed on items less than six months old.
“Problem: All available copies are temporarily unavailable at your pickup library due to age protection. Items less than 6 months old cannot be transited outside of the owning library. Placing this hold could result in longer wait times.”

Item not holdable

Hold NOT successfully placed – Item not holdable.
“Problem: This type of item is not permitted to transit within Evergreen Indiana.”

Technical Bulletin

Beginning on 10/9/2012, libraries began receiving separate 14 and 28 day overdue notice PDF files. This is an unavoidable change in order to fix the broken shelving location display many of you have reported since the upgrade.

You’ll have files such as:


Instead of:



Minutes from the May 31, 2012 meeting were approved on September 27, 2012.