Weekly Update – September 12, 2012

Evergreen 2.2 New Features, continued

REMINDER: The upgrade to Evergreen 2.2 will begin on Friday, September 14 @ 8PM. Instructions for upgrade weekend can be found here and in the Weekly Update blog entry – August 7.

For a full listing of new features to watch for in Evergreen 2.2, please see the attached document.

Mark Patron E-mail as Invalid
Staff can mark a patron’s email address or phone number as invalid in the patron editor. The system will clear the email (or phone) field from the database and [both optionally, per library setting]:

1. Create a corresponding standing penalty against the user, for staff to notice next time they bring up said patron in the staff client

2. Create a patron note. Related penalties (but not notes) will be cleared whenever that patron’s email address or phone number is updated again.

Option to Place Holds on Age Protected Items
Allow choice of placing hold despite age protection. If someone places a hold, they get “Problem: All available copies are temporarily unavailable at your pickup library. Placing this hold could result in longer wait times.” And the option to say go ahead, or not.

Patrons from the same library as the item can still hold it, and they will get it first until the 6 month expires. After that, it’s back to opportunity holds. Wherever the item gets returned, it will start filling holds. This is to reduce transits. The same as it works today. So, as long as it doesn’t get returned somewhere other than the owning library, the patrons from that library will keep getting it “first”.

Recent Staff Searches
You can view your recent searches as you perform them in the staff client. By default, staff can view their recent searches, although the number is configurable. This feature is only available through the staff client; it is not available to patrons in the OPAC.

Required Patron Registration Fields
Fields in the Patron Registration screen which are required in order to save the Patron Record have changed since version 1.6. In conjunction with the implementation of Evergreen 2.2, we will also be requiring birth date as a mandatory field in the patron registration screen as per the decision made by the Evergreen Indiana Executive Committee.

Member Directory

As many of you have already noticed, a list of member library names and contact information appears on the Splash Page in the Administration column > Evergreen Member Directory. If you need to update your library’s information in this list, please follow the steps below:

1) Sign in as a LocalAdmin.
2) Go to Admin > Server Administration > Organizational Units.
3) Click on the plus sign next to EG-IN: Evergreen Indiana to expand the list of member names and click the plus sign next to your library system name to show all of the branches in that library system.
4) The information that appears in the Evergreen Member Directory for your library system and branch(es) is listed in the Main Settings page. You can update and save the information as you see fit.

Fall 2012 Evergreen Circulation Class and Roundtable

The Fall Evergreen Circulation Class will review new Evergreen 2.2 features with the focus on circulation. We will also spend time reviewing the policy on owning vs. circulating library responsibilities and discuss situations where identifying owning vs. circulating library is very important. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussion via the Adobe Connect chat box. All library staff members are encouraged to attend!

Register here!


Circulation Committee meeting on Tuesday, September 18 @ 10AM at Greenwood Public Library.

Draft agenda

Cataloging Committee meeting on September 20, 2012 @ 10AM at Hussey Mayfield Memorial Public Library.

Draft agenda