Weekly Update – September 4, 2012

Evergreen 2.2 New Features, continued

For a full listing of new features to watch for in Evergreen 2.2, please see the attached document.

Patron Statistical Category Enhancements

The following enhancements have been added to patron statistical categories:

• categories can be marked as required (must be filled out when a patron is registered)
• categories can be marked to allow or disallow user-created entries
• an entry for a given category and org unit can be marked as the default entry. It will be automatically selected in the new patron registration screen.

Copy Location Alerts

This enhancement adds a new checkin_alert column to copy locations. If true (defaults to false), then a routing alert is generated at reshelving time for the location. This is intended for special locations, such as Display, that may require special handling, or that temporarily contain items that are not normally in that location.

SMS (Text) Notifications

Current features that use SMS include hold-ready-for-pickup notifications and a “Send Text” action for call numbers in the OPAC, to assist with tracking down an item on the shelf. The patron must opt-in to receive SMS notifications by logging into their My Account, enabling the SMS notification and entering their preferred phone number.

This setting has been approved by the Executive Committee and will be implemented with Evergreen 2.2.

Customize Toolbars

Evergreen 2.2 expands upon the “Toolbars” feature by allowing users to create, edit their own custom toolbars to match individual workflows. Toolbars can be customized at several depths (Org Unit, Workstation, User) which allows for greater flexibility and personalization for individuals, or institutions.

RDA Toolkit

On August 27, an email was sent to the Evergreen Cataloging listserv to gauge interest in consortial purchasing of RDA toolkit. Enough libraries responded to the email that we will be moving forward on looking into pricing and training for RDA toolkit.

Opportunities to sign-up for RDA toolkit will be announced to the entire consortium in the Weekly Update blog and on the Evergreen Cataloging listserv so don’t feel that you have “missed the boat” if you did not respond to the listserv email.

New Member library

Westville-New Durham Township Public Library was accepted into the Evergreen Indiana consortium. They are a non-automated library and will be adding their collection to the Evergreen Indiana catalog over a period of several months. None of their items should be visible in the OPAC until they go live so if any library sees a transit being requested from WNDTPLW (Westville-New Durham Township Public Library), kindly transfer the hold to a different copy and report it to the Evergreen Indiana Coordinator.

Fall 2012 Evergreen Cataloging Class and Roundtable – WEBINAR

The Fall 2012 Evergreen Cataloging Class and Roundtable will be presented on Tuesday, September 25, 10AM-NOON and will review and answer Frequently Asked Questions with regards to cataloging in Evergreen. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussion via the Adobe Connect chat box. Copy and original catalogers are encouraged to attend! Presented by Shelley Lessandrini of Westfield Washington Public Library. 1 TLEU

Register for the webinar here!

Library card and item barcode order

Place library card and item barcode orders from today until Friday, September 7. Please follow instructions provided on the Weekly Update blog.

NOTE: Libraries will be sending orders directly to the vendor.


Minutes from the June 12, 2012 Executive Committee meeting were approved at the August 14, 2012 meeting.

Minutes from the June 12, 2012 OverDrive Committee meeting were approved at the August 14, 2012 meeting.